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It was his turn for pleasure, but the table was getting uncomfortable. Ellen could feel his cock swell inside her and begin to throb. He asked if I would move back in with him. I couldn't hear them over the loud drum and bass song I was listening to, but I knew I was their topic because Bear kept pointing and Bull kept glancing at me. Thank god we knew how to.

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He told her of his intentions. Not too bright as they was handcuffed but it didn't matter as there was about nine inches water and seven foot of silt in the basin, so they went in head first up to their waists, not that I worried. This is not fair, he said with a frown. With no second thoughts Emilys mum let him in, and said, You know where it will be but be warned its a pigsty in there at the moment.

Luke nodded and asked, Have you ever done anything with a girl. She had won the bet in spades and knew it, but wanted this guy gone.

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